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McMurdo Station Interns • 2017 rpg

Mischa Krilov •

You’re interns at McMurdo Station, Antarctica. This wasn’t your first choice. Why?

Each player: Who are you? What’s your name? Who’s your boss? What are your roles here? 

Of the thousand people who manage to live here, describe the one who’s most important to you: your business partner, mentor, rival, lover, friend, romantic interest, research fellow, enemy, family, bully? Map these relationships; evolve as needed.

You have brought some alcohol, twelve drinks only. Describe and justify your choice.

Bad Things will happen to someone, the station, or the community itself. Start with ten index cards total. Take turns writing one option on each. Agree on tone. Inspire each other. Put these cards in a hat.

Each month: Everyone declares their monthly goal. Pull three cards. Play out 2-4 scenes​, inspired by the cards. Keep scenes focused. Who has a stake in the outcome? What’s the worst that could happen? How can you endure?

If you don’t like an outcome, take a drink. Feel free to offer others a drink. Each month, whoever drank the most creates two new cards for the hat. Tied interns collaborate.

Six months later, your internship ends. Narrate your epilogue. Can you leave? Do you? How?

Author Comments

Many thanks to everyone who put eyes on this. Note that there is a fair amount of ambiguity with some questions, the expected tone, and if you have drink tokens or actual drinks; all of these factors are left to be decided at the table.

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