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Home Sweet Home • 2017 rpg

Kezle • insanityinsight.blogspot.com

Welcome to the post apocalypse. You are six years old, like everyone you have ever known.

Begin by writing your name and answering questions. Each players asks another one question about their character/views. Questions like:

How many heads does your favourite animal have?
What do you think those metal things with four wheels are?
Where did you get that beeping metal bracelet?
Why are you see-through?

Each player than writes three goals:
-one personal
-one involving another character
-one about the world

Assign 1d4, 1d6, and 1d8 among them. Use the associated die when your goal is your motivation. You may also do the same to loan a die to help on a friend's roll. Roll above the difficulty to succeed.

Begin the game by revealing cards from a deck equal to the number of players. Arrange these in a grid. The group starts at the centre and begins exploration, taking turns to describe the scene associated with a card.

Clubs - Structure
Spades - Insentient
Diamonds - Phenomena
Hearts - Sentient

Number on the card = Difficulty of the task
Odd - something familiar 
Even - something strange 

Keep adding new cards as you explore further. The game ends once both jokers are revealed.

Author Comments

My first attempt at an apocalyptic Golden Sky Stories kind of game.

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