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1, 2, Zombie • 2017 rpg

Jacob Shadwick •

You are a group of survivors in the zombie apocalypse, when the initial outbreak happened governments panicked and launched WMDs with reckless excess. This is a d10 system.

Character creation: Roll on the Flaw chart, anytime your personality contradicts your actions you take a -1 to your roll. Now choose between Fight, Flight, or Focus. Anytime you roll a complementary action you add 1 to the result of your roll.

1     Cowardly
2     Distracted
3     Lazy
4     Impatient
5     Arrogant
6     Untrusting
7     Clumsy
8     Selfish
9     Unpredictable
10   Vague

Additionally if you have a tool to assist with said action add 1 to your roll. Actions, such as attacking zombies, hiding, navigating terrain, or anything else needed to survive the apocalypse requires a roll of 7+ to succeed. +1s and -1s can be added based off the situation.

Whenever a Zombie successfully attacks you draw a card face down from a standard deck, don’t look at the card. The next time you roll a natural 1, flip any cards you have over, if you reveal a 2 your character dies and is turned at the end of the round.

Zombies successfully attack on a 7+

Author Comments

Expanded version on its way whenever I feel like it…

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