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History Building with 7 Wonders Duel • 2017 rpg

Tomer Gurantz •

Each player, on index card:
Name Empire, Capital, and current Leader
Define four Aspects: Race, God, Law, Hero, Weapon, Technology, Magic, Climate, Animal, Resource, Landmark, Ally, Enemy, Competitor
Label one large lined sheet of paper: “History”. First player makes the entry: “Year Zero:” and writes an important event.
After each turn, add 1-20 years, write a one sentence historical event. For the first or last move of an age, or when a wonder is built: Write two sentences.
Use the following for inspiring who, what, where, why, or how. When desired: Remove, modify, or add Leader or Aspect.
  BROWN, GREY: Created, Stolen, Traded, Taught
  YELLOW: Instituted, Celebration, Legislation, Controlling
  BLUE: Inaugurated, Taken, Discovered, Ascension
  RED: Deposed, Destroyed, Repercussions, Victory, Defended, Rebellion, Punishment
  GREEN: Invented, Stolen, Improvised, Innovated, Found
DISCARD: Abandoned, Converted, Crime, Important death, Natural disaster, Enemy, Sabotage
CONSTRUCT WONDER: Appeared, Created, Honored, Significance, Creator, Consequences, Aftermath


Amanda: Zut Empire, Zuthustra City, Queen Zuthari
Boris: Tintukat Protectorate, Tukat Temple, His Highest Shibula

0: The comet falls, creating the Parting Sea.
5: Palisade: Mighty Zuthari creates the first walled township: Zuthustra.
21: Lumber yard: Tinna tribes take the forests from a forgotten people.

Author Comments

A knowledge of the 2-player game “7 Wonders Duel” is required for this history creation game. It is being entered into the 200 Word RPG Challenge (, but is expected to be marked “low” accordingly, as it’s really there only for those that understand the 7 Wonders Duel game, and will use this as an accompaniment.

Because of word limitations, the Example Play section only shows the Empire, Capital, and Leader are created for each player. The 4 Aspects are not shown here, but would otherwise normally be part of play, and could be modified, removed, or added to during an action, as appropriate.

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