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The World of Retail • 2017 rpg

Christopher Richter • https://boardgamingftw.wordpress.com/

For 3 to 6 players.

Players will take on the identity of a retail associate the GM is the General Manager of the establishment.

Players will each need a d6 & d10. 

Each player will start with 25 XP. If a player loses all of their XP they are fired.

GM will set challenges for each player to do either as a group or separately depending on the situation.

Players will roll a d6 versus customer roll. If a player’s roll is higher than the customer roll, the customer will walk away happy. XP received for each happy customer by rolling d10. If a customer walks away unhappy that player will lose 5 XP. If a player rolls a 1, GM makes a termination roll on d6. 6 = Fired.

Customers need goods to purchase. Players will roll d10 versus stock roll. If roll is higher, customer will receive the item. If out of stock, player will lose 2 XP for each item.  If customer walks away happy with an item roll addition d6.

Players earn rankings for XP gained.

50 = Department Manager

75 = Night Manager

100 = Assistant Manager

150 = Store Manager

First player to 150 XP wins

Author Comments

This is my first time writing an RPG in many years. I want to thank everyone that has read my submission & told me to go for it. Wishing everyone the best of luck.

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