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First Datepocalypse • 2017 rpg

Carrthulhu • no link

4 - 10 players.

Each player takes a turn vocally progressing the story and outlining their actions.

Each phase listed below consists of two player turns. Turns are taken by each player in a clockwise direction.

Each player introduces their own fictional character. The player that has last gone on a date introduces their character as the first lover. They always go to pick up their date from the home of the second player character. 

Both players decide on the date location and time. 

The third player should be in attendance of the date location, such as an employee, and so should every other player thereafter except the last player. They will always introduce themselves as the antagonist. Example: a jealous ex-girlfriend.

There should be a creative and surprising stand-off between everyone in the game.

Each player rolls 1 six sided die for their character. If a 6 is rolled their character is uninjured. If any other number is rolled the next player describes how the previous player character has died.

Whoever is alive after the last round are more than likely drenched in blood and psychologically scarred. Wrap up their actions in one sentence.

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