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Among powerful wizards and sorceresses • 2017 rpg

Anthony YOUSSEF • no link

One artifact per player, it can be everything. 

Each player must tell, within six minutes, the story about how he/she got it. At the end of each story others pick two (may be twice the same one) gems between anthracite, jade, cinnabar, citrine and sapphire. 

Each gem has it own signification :

anthracite: philosophical choice, redemption by reason, ataraxia

jade: travel, discovery, night

cinnabar: violence within creation, creation within violence, madness

 citrine : power of the greatest number, society, arbitrary judgement

 sapphire: indecision, knowledge, tribut

Note those numbers and gems for each player story. 

Once everyone told a story, the one with the biggest gems variety (A) and the one with the highest score in one particular gem (B) are finalist. If draw, chose the player with less variety. If equality again, “A” choose. 

Final :    “A” and “B” must convince, or persuade, non-finalists in a five minutes speech to choose he/she as the new archimage by telling his/her first magical deed. “A” must only use theme linked to “B” most represented color and “B” must use at least one theme linked with all “A” gems.
    Non Finalists elect the new archimage after deliberation, yet finalists can’t talk anymore

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