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Astrum Arcanis • 2017 rpg

Z.W. Garth • www.WoodardWeird.com • @zwgarth

You are a starship, launched across space by the Cthonian Empress to defend her interests. Millenia later, she is gone and her monuments crumble — but you still wander the vacuum, banded together with other lost warships. Derelict and without purpose, how much longer can you survive the cold void?

Divide a Tarot Deck into decks for Major Arcana and individual suits.
Draw three cards from the Major Arcana. Use them as prompts to define your ship’s 
       Original Purpose, Weapons, and Body.

Ships have four stats: 
       Hull (Cups), Weapons (Swords), AI (Wands), and Flight (Pentacles).
Assign to each stat a value: (3), (3), (2), (2). Draw that number of cards from the appropriate suit’s deck.

The Cold Void’s Goals:
         Confront with forces seeking to destroy and demoralize.
         Emphasize loneliness.
         Encourage sacrifice.

Narrate with players where they are, what they’re doing. Continue until conflict arises or a player risks serious failure. If a ship refuses to back down, assign a challenge number 1-10. Player must discard a card—if they cannot meet or beat the challenge with an appropriate card, narrate failure. On success, draw a new card if available from the deck. Damage systems until the fleet falls apart.

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