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Boasters round the table • 2017 rpg

Erlec • https://twitter.com/Earlforthenews

Boasters is a game for 3-5 players about a gang of old heroes reminiscing about their grand adventures.

1. Every player is handed one fate card.
2. The leader (rotated clockwise after each round) imagines an event the group did and starts the story. After one minute the other players each vote if they want the story to succeed or not. Each positive vote gives the leader a +1 to the roll, each negative gives a -1. The leader rolls two six sided dice to see if the story is true or not. 7+ for success, 6- for failure. 
3. If it’s a success the leader gets one boast point.If not then no point is given. The game moves on to the next player. The next player (counter-clockwise) has their turn continuing the story and telling the real truth and keeping the story going.
4.  After everyone has had a turn the next round begins and a new story begins
5. The game ends when one player has 5 points.

Fate cards can only be used once a round and give an additional +2 or -2 to a other players tale. You cannot use it on your own story.

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Be funny + Thanks for inspiration.

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