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Flirt Party • 2017 rpg

Johannes Oppermann •

Flirt Party 
for 20-50 players
by Johannes Oppermann

This is about daring to flirt. Bring your primary romantic partner. Don’t play if you hate watching them flirt! You don’t have a partner with you? Pick someone available, go on a 15 minutes date together and establish some history to play with.

Your partner picks your first flirt, you pick theirs. Start with the person your partner picked for you. Primary partners are off limits to each other until the endgame. A valid flirt is any unambiguous gesture of appreciation made towards a romantically compatible other person. Keep flirting until you run out of compatible partners.

Watch your primary partner while you flirt. Note who they flirt with, who flirts back, if you find them attractive yourself, and how you feel about it. Signal to your partner when you’re ready to end. When you’re both ready, leave for a private space.

Endgame: Sit with your primary partner and take turns describing what you saw. Compliment them on who flirted back, tell them who you found attractive. Be brief. End the game when both have mentioned everyone they saw. 

Congratulations, you have dared to flirt. If you’re still partners, you win!

Author Comments

Keywords: Polyamory - Consent - Rules - Negotiating boundaries Inspired by and made for Ida Moen Braateng, with love and admiration.

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