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They're just dice, right? • 2017 rpg

Joseph Propati •

Four adventures enter an inn. They’re drawn to quiet corner with a small wood table.    Setting aside their gear they notice four odd looking dice on the table.    The Barbarian picks up the dice, examining them with a skilled eye.  

Nondescript but each movement of the dice produces a red glint. 

Unimpressed, the Barbarian tosses the dice back on the table.  With a red flash the doors to the inn bursts open.  A huge swamp troll scans the room and sees the four adventurers.  The troll charges the party; a massive hammer swinging wildly in the air.  “Hey, isn’t that…” Before the fighter can finish his statement he is flattened by the massive hammer with a sick sounding splat.  

Knocked off balance, the cleric hits the table causing its content to fly.  Instantly all four adventurers are sitting at the table with the Barbarian holding four dice in his palm.  
Unsure of what just happened, each adventurer glance around; no troll, no squashed fighter, nothing.  

The Barbarian lowers his hand, places each wood die softly on the table.  They slowly rise from the table heading to the door and quickly glance at the quiet little table in the back corner.

Author Comments

What a wonderful challenge. I have such a love to reading, RPG gaming and playing board games that I couldn’t pass this contest up.

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