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Das Magikapital • 2017 rpg

Greg Barnsdale • no link

Das Magikapital
Fantasy-Industrial Class Struggle

2 part gm-lite cycle
for 3-5 comrades
pen & paper, d6s
in case of ( )’s, choose

-- Roll 2d6 --
10-12 success - 2 choices
7-9 challenges - 1 choice, 1 cost
2-6 failure - consequences
[+/-] roll 3d6 ~ best/worse two

choices, costs
(greater, safer, development
loss, damage, complication
others - detail)


High Magick Financial
Behold - the KAPITALOMANCER!!!
(faerie royal, ancient wyrm, daemoniac lich)

You each have 2 actions - Assign +,-
Generate (Rüblemarcks, bread & circus, State-sponsored actors) unintentionally creating (organized resistance, kapital debt, environmental ruin)
Channel leverage & RM$ to transform a sphere of (politics, industry, culture)
Smite enemies of the State with (flames, plagues, thugs)

Amass Wealth (0/3), Legacy (0/3)
and Surreal Bureaucratic Oppression (0/3)



Loyal comrades, you are
Revolutionary Greenskins ...

Goblin +machine-mischief, Ogre +giant-kin
or Orc +war-made
(-feared, -wild and -ill-suited)

… who once suffered and toiled
in (workhouses, battlefields, sewers)
for (Landlords, Officers, Bosses) ...

What were your duties?
What did you lose?

… before declaring war against
the Kapitalomancer …

What will you bring down first?

Actions are
Arcane, Brutal or Crafty - Assign [+,-]
You have
a favour, a debt, meager possessions


You cannot make revolution in white gloves
- Lenin

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