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Ashes of the Sun • 2017 rpg

Jason Pitre •

You were once companions Commander Sun, captain of the Dunkirk-SR3 and hero of the Xanar War. She sacrificed herself to repel the alien machines and banish them from our galaxy. Each of you played your part and helped her save humanity. Ten years later, each of you hear a rumour that Sun has been found on some distant outpost, deep in Xanar space. Now you come together for one last mission.
*Introduce your Companions*
1) Name your companion
2) Tell us what you used to be. 
3) Tell us how most people now see you? 
4) Tell us what do you hope to become? 
5) Tell us the nicknames two other companions earned.
*The Rules*
One of the companions was Sun’s lover. They describe the first scene, and ask one question of another companion. After answering, that person asks someone else another question. Each scene ends when a companion cannot answer a question.  
*The Mission*
Describe your voyage to reclaim the Dunkirk SR3 from the shipbreakers, searching for information on the pirate outpost of Scourge Station and navigating through the Ysarl blockade. Once you reach the Sun, describe how she has changed. Together, decide if you will bring her home.   

Author Comments

Thanks to John Harper for Lady Blackbird

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