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Marked • 2017 rpg

Heather Robertson •

For two players -- powerful witches, locked in battle.

Materials: two markers.

Each witch chooses an aspect under their control -- fire, plants, time, etc. Draw a sigil for that aspect on the back of your non-dominant hand. When both players are ready, continue below.

The game is played in real time. Witches cast spells at each other by drawing sigils on their non-dominant arm -- more powerful spells require larger/more complex sigils. The spell is cast once the sigil is complete. The spell must be related to the sigil you drew (though make sure not to invoke any real magic) -- describe how you manipulate your aspect to attack your enemy, or provide a shield for later use, or serve any appropriate narrative purpose.

The game is over when one witch has killed the other, or both have surrendered. You are forced to surrender when your non-dominant arm runs out of space to draw on.

Author Comments

This game was inspired somewhat by With Those We Love Alive by Porpentine.

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