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Spin the Bottle • 2017 rpg

Alyssa Hillen • no link

Welcome to senior year!
School supplies:
* 4 or more people
* Paper
* Pencils (No. 2 preferred)
* A bottle
Sit in a circle with the bottle in the middle.
Populate your school: Nikki the queen bee. Jake the delinquent stoner. Embrace clichés! Write your character at the top of your paper, then write everyone else’s names below. As a group, list the scenes you want to see: the big game, drama club auditions, the mall after school. Everyone should contribute.
Spin the bottle: whoever it lands on picks a scene, sets it, and crosses it out. Anyone who wants to be there can, and the scene lasts as long as it should. After, everyone there writes down who’s a FRIEND, FOE, or CRUSH. Everyone on your sheet can only have one label, but it can change. Keep it secret and spin again. When the scene list is exhausted, the year ends at prom/graduation/whatever.
Report Card: For everyone who has you as a FRIEND, add one - for every FOE, subtract. If a CRUSH you have is mutual, add 2. If not, subtract 1. Before the credits roll, give a freeze frame voiceover saying what happened after graduation: highest score last.

Author Comments

This game was inspired by Bret Gillan’s Final Girl and by a binge of ’90s teen movies on Netflix.

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