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Praetorian • 2017 rpg

L S Hendrix • no link

The country is broken. It is poisoned by crippling reparations, foreign influence, and a corrupt bureaucracy.

You are a member of the military. The country needs new government.

Players: 4-8 young officers

Needs a deck of playing cards, d6s, and index cards

Remove the Aces. Deal three cards per player.
Assign one each:
-Rank: determines turn order: lowest first
-Staff: your personal Resource, cannot be seized
-Politics: your faction; keep hidden

Spread the remaining cards out, including Aces. These are Resources. Name each.

-Influence: card value. Ace = 14, King = 13, etc.
-Power: bonus gained when exerting the card:
	2-9: 1, 10-Queen: 2, King/Ace: 3

Every round take one action. Play out a short scene:
Seize – select a Resource. Roll 1d6. Exceed the card’s Influence to take control
You may exert Resources you control to add their Power. Turn them sideways
If seizing an exerted Resource, roll an extra die
Consolidate – select an exerted Resource; it is no longer exerted
Support – select a Resource. If someone seizes it, roll 1d6. Add or subtract from their roll

When one player controls three Aces, reveal all politics. Anyone sharing that player’s suit wins.

Author Comments

Let yourself get into the character of being someone with power, and the opportunity to seize even more. I doubt many autocrats start out expecting to become a despot.

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