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Prime Directive: a game of not screwing up • 2017 rpg

Calum Stranack • no link

Players expand on parts from the script in sequence. Roll a die to pick terms from lists. 

Our Journey has been (Damaging, Tiring, Expensive, Deadly, Uneventful, Relaxing) but, we’re here now. Warp-out in 3... 2... 1...
Orbit established. Telescopes show a (Tidally-locked, Earth-like, Unstable, Cavernous, Small, Gas Giant) planet.

Sensors indicate a (Hostile, Intermittently Breathable, Thin, Breathable, High Oxygen, Thick) atmosphere and a (Silicon, Incompatible, Semi-compatible, Compatible, Terraformed, Semi-Terraformed) Biosphere.

Transmissions suggest a (Decimated, Scattered, Divided*, Hybrid*, Large, Ascended) Population. 
Their culture is (Modernist, Cyber-Punk, Militaristic, Neo-Soviet, Neo-Victorian, Trans-Humanist) 
with a (Pan-African, Middle-Eastern, South-American, East-Asian, Euro-American, South-Asian) aesthetic.

Compared to us they seem (Xenophobic, Advanced, Parochial, Dynamic, Primitive, Xenophilic). 
Their political system is (Theocratic, Egalitarian, Feudal, Democratic, Technocratic, Authoritarian), 
while their economy is (Forage, Pastoral, Agriculture, Industry, Bio-engineering, Space) based. 

Captain: Well done people. 

Players discuss proposals for first contact and trade. Eventually the Captain choses one proposal and each crewperson rolls a die; secretly adding or subtracting one. If the total is less than four times the number of players the mission is a failure. The player with the best explanation for the failure is the next Captain.   
* roll twice on subsequent lists

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