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Arena of Popularity but no Death nor Magic • 2017 rpg

Prophecy Breaker • no link

You are playing fighters in arena. Player gets 10 points to spread between the stats: 
Head, Main Hand (MH), Off Hand (OH), Body, and Legs.
Max 5 per stat. Start with 0 Popularity.
Silly 20 words long backstory required.

During fight, roll 1d6+Legs to determine turn order.
Players should invent their moves. To attack, roll 1d6+relevant stat against opponent's roll of 1d6+relevant stat. Body can't be used to attack. If the attackers roll is equal or greater it hits, otherwise you dodge, parry, or something else. No magic!
Everyone can take 1+Body hits before being knocked unconscious. Everyone can reach everyone, but can attack only once per turn.

After each fight, players can get up to 1 point for each different stat they used to hit an opponent.
If (opponent’s popularity - your popularity) is positive roll that many d6s For each even number, +1 to your popularity. For each roll of 1, -1 to your popularity.

Sample NPC:
Lycantroop Gunner (Popularity 5)
Head5 MH2 FH1 Body2 Legs3
Gun (OH vs. Any)
Bite (Head vs. Body/Legs/OH/MH)

Example uses of stats:
MH - weapon, gun, fist
OH - dagger, choke
Legs - kick, any movement
Head - bite, headbutt

Author Comments

Thanks to Pancake and BornToDoStuff for helping me by proofreading!

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