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Thank you for the feast • 2017 rpg

Alex Robinson •

Sit down for dinner with your close friends. You are very important people at a fancy dinner. Before you begin eating, name yourself, your title and what you’ve done to further your political career. Explain your connection to two other guests and build the story of your careers together. Each dinner guest receives two poison tokens which they keep under their napkin. Every guest closes their eyes in turn and players secretly place tokens in front of their plates. Guests can be poisoned multiple times. Not all tokens must be used.

Have your meal and enjoy the time spent with your friends.

At the end of the meal, take turns to accuse your fellow guests of poisoning you with your dying breath. You have one guess per token. If you’re correct, the guest will say “and I did it all because…” and explain their motive. You survive that poisoning attempt and move on to the next token.

If you’re dying of poison you must still answer accusations. 

At the end of the meal, if you’re alive rise from the table, thank your guests and clear the table. You look forward to the next dinner party with your dearest friends.

Author Comments

I love to have dinner with my friends most of all.

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