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Valkyrie Girlfriend • 2017 rpg

Jacqueline Bryk • patreon.com/damoclesthreaddevelopment

Valkyries claim the dead. But what happens if you don't completely die?

For at least two players, to be played at appropriate times.

At least one player is a Human, who has had a near-death experience. At least one player is the Valkyrie who came to claim them. The human should decide how they almost died. The Valkyrie should decide why they're attracted to the Human. Roleplay out the near-death scene in a quiet space.

Any time after the near-death scene, the Human and Valkyrie can decide that they are going on a date. This is established by the Human and Valkyrie mutually consenting to a date scene and can happen anywhere, anytime. The Human has access to all of their modern tech and knowledge. The Valkyrie has access to the knowledge and tech of an 11th-century Norse myth. This will probably lead to awkward situations, which is ok.

A player can be Polyvalkyrieous. If they are a Human for someone, they might be a Valkyrie for someone else. Yes, even in the same scene. Confusion will result, that's ok.

Remember to communicate clearly and kindly!

Author Comments

This can be played as a LARP or tabletop. Thanks to Rose Bailey and Kimberley Lam for the idea!

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