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Hidden Faces • 2017 rpg

Felix Weedon • no link

Requires: Pack or two of cards ~4 players.

Sit in a circle, split cards evenly, cards in hand are secrets.

Begin play by stating your name and revealing a secret; putting a card face up in front of you.

Heart: A relationship of some kind
Diamond: A goal or dream
Spade: A philosophy or belief
Club: A fear or worry
King: Relates to player left
Queen: Relates to player right
Jack: Relates to player opposite

When someone reveals a secret, another player may say how it interacts with one of their face up cards, then turns over that card.
When someone turns a card face down, another player may say how that card interacted with their card and turn it face down.

Play ends when a player has all their cards face down or no player can play a card or turn a card facedown.

Optional: Add jokers, they change the meaning of one of your face-up cards.

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