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Nightblind • 2017 rpg finalist

Cadaeic • no link

Night fell many years ago. It is the duty of the blinded to thrive, and thus show the sun that it is not needed. The sun is wicked and jealous, and sends monsters to corrupt and kill.

Everyone has a piece of paper on which they write down two skills that they excel at.

Everyone except for one person must then close their eyes.

This one person is the Sightseer. It is their sacred duty to describe the actions of the world and to roll the die.

When one of the blinded undertakes a risky action, the Sightseer rolls one six sided dice. The action succeeds on 5 or above, and fails otherwise. If the action uses a skill, the target is set at 3 and above. The Sightseer will report only if the action succeeded or failed.

Unfortunately, the Sightseer represents the damned sun, and is prone to lie. If a blinded wishes to challenge the Sightseer, they must first announce it, then they may open their eyes.

If the blinded is correct, their success is assured and they may close their eyes.

If the blinded is incorrect, they must replace the Sightseer in their cursed duty.

Author Comments

Inspired/blatantly ripped off from Polaris and WTF!

Judge Comments

I love a game where the mechanics also inform gameplay. The players’ blindness is not only a disadvantage; it’s a disadvantage that another player can actively take advantage of. Even better, the game should encourage players to take on the “GM” role of the sun, to feel what it’s like to be able to lie to the players. - Brent Newhall

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