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The Council • 2017 rpg

Jeremy Monts • http://agdrgames.com

You are The Council.  Masters of Reality and followers of the GodKing.  Tragically, the GodKing has been slain.  The Council must elevate a new GodKing.  However, one of your number desires to be GodKing, and fearing opposition, has decided to destroy The Council.

Each player chooses an Archetype of Reality(Death, Life, Pain, Joy, etc.) that they represent as a member of The Council. 

Randomly determine the Betrayer and, if desired, Minions of the Betrayer.  

Starting with the youngest individual, players explain their Archetype and why they would be the best GodKing.  Other players may interrogate the active player to determine if they are the Betrayer.

After all players have spoken, hold a hidden vote to elevate, or destroy, an Archetype.  If a majority of the players vote either to elevate, or destroy, an Archetype that actions occurs.

If an Archetype is voted destroyed, that player is removed from the game.

If an Archetype is voted elevated, that player is now GodKing and the game ends.  

If no GodKing is chosen, repeat Q/A and Vote process.

After the game ends, reveal the Betrayer.  If the Betrayer became GodKing, all other players lose the game.

Author Comments

At it’s core, The Council is a social game of deceit and manipulation in which you attempt to become GodKing and rule over, or destroy, the other players.

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