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Wizards of the Tome • 2017 rpg

George Philbrick • short URL

The source of every wizard's power is their spellbook.

Each player needs a book with titled chapters to play. This is a spellbook. Choose one player to be the Game Master; they will dictate the plot. Everyone else is a powerful wizard.

Each chapter title is a spell. On seperate pieces of paper, each player except for the GM must write the spell names from the book they brought and their effect based on that name. Be strange, be vile, be secretive.

Pass the paper to the GM and the spellbook to another wizard. Only the GM knows what a spell does; players should not share the effects they made. The players now have their spellbooks. Going around in a circle, each player introduces themselves along with a character trait based on the title of their spellbook.

The GM narrates a plot based on the chapter titles of their own book, starting at chapter one. The players narrate their own actions. They may cast each spell from their spellbook once. These are considered to automatically succeed, but if a wizard wishes to do something else difficult they must flip a coin. On a heads they succeed at the task.

Author Comments

Alternate Rules: -Mages cannot die, but immortality has harsh impacts on sanity. Instead of making the wizards succumb to the effects of physical injury, make them tear out pages from their spellbook. If they have no more spells, they go insane. -Resting can recharge one spell. -This game may be played arena style, with the GM acting a judge in the battle royale.

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