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Catch the Thief • 2017 rpg

Charles Ward • http://www.ex1st.com/games

Catch the Thief is an RPG for three or more players and a GM.

The players are in a town surrounded by impenetrable mountain forests, with only one road out of the town. At some point, any one of the players may become the thief. The game ends when the thief leaves town or is caught.

Each player takes a pencil and a square grid sheet. They state their unique starting location, and write it in the middle of their own sheet. The GM secretly adds those locations randomly to their own sheet. Only the GM knows where the locations are relative to each other.

In turn, players state their location and either move North, South, East, West, or interact at the location.

If players interact, the GM creates the story with them.

If players move, the GM informs them, secretly or publicly, of their new location. This will be either a previously visited location or a new one. If new, the GM chooses what to  add to the map.

Throughout the game, players will track their locations, items, and stats on their sheet. And the GM will decide rewards, consequences, and what players must roll to succeed.

Author Comments

First time writing and RPG.

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