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Duet • 2017 rpg

Paki Spivey • no link

You need another person, a six-sided die, paper, fifteen tokens, and a pencil.

Write this down.

“I remember when...
We first met
I made a mistake
I thought I lost them
I told the truth
I forgave them
It ended”

Your true love was taken into Darkness. They are the Lost. They take five tokens.
They call to you, the Seeker. Take ten tokens.

When you go into Darkness, you remember. Roll the die, then say

“I felt…”
1. Crushed
2. Depressed
3. Infuriated
4. Peaceful
5. Inspired
6. Loved

Say where it started, then ask how. They answer, then ask you a question. Choose.

"I remember." Place a token, then answer. Ask them a question, they have the same choice.

"I don't remember." Take all tokens placed, erase the memory, and the Seeker goes into Darkness.

You only remember what isn't erased.

The game ends when either all memories are erased, or someone has no tokens

Don't continue reading until your game ends...

If the Seeker or the Lost have more tokens than the other, only they find their way out of Darkness.

If the Seeker and the Lost have the same number of tokens, they find each other.

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