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The Town of M • 2017 rpg

Jim McClure • @GMJimMcClure

Divide one bag of plain M&Ms into piles by color.

Give each player one color of M&Ms.

The player with the most M&Ms is the leader of the town.

The other players represent the diverse society of the town. Each player should describe three things that define their group.

The leader will divide their M&Ms into roughly three even piles representing Laws, Expectations, and Social Norms. The leader will take one M&M from any pile and make a declaration about the town that specifically oppresses one group of people.

The people can work together and fight back by “rolling” their M&M’s. Players may throw as many M&Ms they want on the table, any that land with the “M” face up are counted as a success. All rolled M&Ms are eaten.

If the players get enough successes they describe how they changed or subverted the declaration. Otherwise, the Leader’s declaration stands.

Successes needed

Laws:  One Success
Expectations: Two Successes
Social Norms: Three Successes

Repeat this process until the Leader has no remaining M&Ms then discuss as a group how your town would function with the society that was established.

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