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DOGQUEST 1000 • 2017 rpg

Casey Johnson •

You are all dogs!
What kind of dog are you? 

>A GOOD DOG, with virtuous skills like public defending!
>A BAD DOG, with wicked skills like tax fraud!
>A PUPPER, with doggish skills like gamboling!

After deciding, describe yourselves in a few sentences.

What's the world like?  The world may be very different from our own, but dogs are a constant.

Tell us about your owner(s)!
They seem pretty swell! Each of you should say something about them! Write that all down.

Uh oh! Something's happened to them!
Decide as a group what misfortune awaits.

Got all that? It's time for an adventure!

Choose a player: they're the Troublemaker. They get to make trouble for the other puppies to solve! Once they solve or fail it, the player to their left becomes the new Troublemaker, and the old one resumes playing their dog! After everyone's made trouble at least once, a majority can vote to move to the Final Trouble.  As a group, choose a final Troublemaker to pose the last trouble between you and your owner(s)!

Win or lose, each player then describes a puppy epilogue! Going out for treats after is encouraged. 

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