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My Alibi • 2017 rpg

Matt Jorquia • no link

A crime has been committed. You are the primary suspect.

Who are you? What do you do? Where were you on the night of the crime?

Choose among the group who plays the dead man. The dead man writes in a piece of paper how he was murdered and incorporate items that serve as evidence to the crime equal to the number of suspects plus one. He keeps this safe. He then individually write each evidence item on blank cards, shuffles and deals three cards per suspect. 

Interrogation starts. Each suspect is given sufficient time to state alibis incorporating the three item cards. After all suspects are done, the group ranks each other’s alibi from strongest to weakest. 

The dead man then reveals the circumstances of his death, preceded by “This is how you killed me…”. Whoever has the murder weapon is the killer. If not voted as having the strongest alibi, he can alter his statement. The group decides his guilt. If he is not guilty or was voted to have the strongest alibi, the suspect with the weakest alibi is convicted for the crime. Whoever is convicted plays the role of the dead man on the next game.

Author Comments

Big thanks to Mae, Niño, Stef, Ras, Audi and May.

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