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Godzilla Is Attacking The City • 2017 rpg

Darrell • no link

You are victims of Godzilla’s rampage through the city. Your lives are flashing before your eyes. You each take turns telling your stories.

Make a list of Words to use in your stories. Adjectives and verbs work best for this. Ten Words per player should be enough.
Each player has six health points.

The tallest player goes first.

Tell your story. When you use one of the Words, roll a six-sided die (d6). If the result is six, you don’t lose any health and take another turn. A result of two through five subtracts one health and ends your turn. A result of one angers Godzilla and your location is attacked. Lose two health and end your turn. You may only use one Word per turn and may not use a Word more than once per game.

When your health reaches zero, you die.  

You may attempt to steal the turn by making a cameo. Yell, “Godzilla is attacking the city!” Then, use the last Word the active player used in your cameo, but only if you haven’t used it yet. The two players roll a d6. The player who rolled highest continues their story.

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