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The Heist • 2017 rpg

Nick Miller •

Materials:  shade tokens, evidence tokens.

One player is GM, the rest are Criminals planning a big heist.

Phase one:

*  Each Criminal declares a specialty; collects 3 shade tokens.

*  Criminals draw a map together, each notes one obstacle they will overcome with their specialty.

*  GM secretly writes one complication per Criminal.

Phase two:

*  GM chooses an obstacle to resolve.  Criminal describes how they attempt to overcome.  Have a GvC Conflict.

*  GM may introduce written complications at any time.  Have a GvC Conflict to resolve.

Phase three:

*  One Criminal picks up The Loot.  Only one Criminal can hold The Loot.  Others may CvC to gain control of The Loot at any time.

*  GM challenges each Criminal to describe their getaway.  Have GvC Conflicts, but GM gets +1 for each evidence token on the Criminal.  Failure means Criminal is arrested.  If the Criminal with The Loot is arrested, GM immediately wins.

*  Any Criminals left win!


*  GvC = GM vs Criminal; CvC = Criminal vs Criminal

*  Both parties roll 1D6, highest roll wins.

*  Before rolling, other Criminals can give a single shade to GM or Criminal to +1 that roll.  (Criminals exchange shade; GM discards.)

*  Each time a Criminal fails, they gain an evidence token.

Author Comments

Thanks to The One, True Tom for workshopping final text with me. Thanks to the Budcat alumni for playtesting.

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