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Hero's Council • 2017 rpg

Justin Hebels •

Players: 4+; 1 as Story Master (SM), rest act as The Council.
Components Required: 6-sided Die (1D6)

Players represent The Council in the Hero’s mind. As the SM tells a tale, challenges will come up; The Council will have to decide how the Hero will react based upon the personalities they represent from the table below - overlap is okay. The Council must decide on two outcomes, assigning each one as either even or odd.

Once the outcomes have been assigned, The Council should discuss the options further and try to sway each other one way or another. After a few minutes, The SM will say “1, 2, 3 vote” and players will put out 1 or 2 fingers. The SM will count up the fingers determining if even or odd won and roll a 1D6 to see if the winning option succeeds. For each Council member that openly sided with the winning choice, the SM will add +1 to a die roll.

1D6                  Personality                                Outcome
1                       Self first                                     Overwhelming failure
2                       Puts others first                       Failure
3                       Money, money, money            Success
4                       Kill everything                          Success
5                       Nature is my friend                 Success
6                       Center of attention                 Success
7+                     -                                                 Overwhelming success

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