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Date Mates • 2017 rpg

Taylor LaBresh •

Decide if you are creating characters or are playing yourselves. If creating characters, say their name, their look, and one cute fact about them.

Write on separate index cards something cute about each person you're playing with. Be honest, be earnest, be thirsty, and be gay about these cute things. 

Spread ten candles around you. Light one. Turn off most of the lights. 

You are now on an adventure called The Date. Talk about what you do on The Date and how cute it is. Anything you wanna do is great and if you say it, you do it. 

If it's especially cute, roll as many six sided dice as there are candles lit. For every 6, choose from this list: read aloud one of your cute cards, add a detail to the scene, change locations, or switch to a new activity. 

If you don't roll a 6, light a candle and change scenes. At the start of every scene, count how many candles are lit and establish a fact for this new scene for each candle lit. 

Play until all ten candles are lit and you have revealed all the things you think are cute about your fellow players.

Author Comments

Date Mates is a hack of 10 Candles, written by Stephen Dewey. It’s inspired by telling your friends how cute they are, and sharing sappy stories about dating. If you liked reading this game, text a friend right now with something you think is cute about them.

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