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The Futility of Unrequited Sentiments • 2017 rpg

Heather Wilson • https://twitter.com/heatherary/

An Romantic Paper Game for 3 players.

Sit in a triangle. Name your character.

Look at each other. You must look at someone not looking at you. When you are being looked at you must look away from the person looking at you. 

If you catch another's eyes, and it feels significant, you must stare into each other's eyes until you both feel uncomfortable. Feeling your feelings. After this you both declare out loud, at the same time, what your relationship is. Use the following list:

1. Exes
2. Dislike
3. Casual friend
4. Unspoken love for the other
5. Best friend
6. In a romantic relationship

Play continues until everyone agrees on their relationships with each other. You then discuss how you feel about each other. The discussion should be related to your current and past relationships with each other. Ask questions like:

What went wrong?
Do you still dislike me?
Are we closer now?
Will you be honest with me about how you feel?
What do you want from our relationship now?

Afterward everyone walks away without looking at each other, or speaking, for 5 minutes. Feeling your feelings. The game is over, do something light. Eat chips.

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