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Pirate Tails • 2017 rpg

Josh Crowe •

Pirates love to fight, drink and swap yarns. They have a poor grasp of homonyms and are a notoriously rough and salty lot. At night, they tell amazing true stories of their adventures. 
Each player is a member of a pirate crew, with an NPC Captain. The player most dressed like a pirate is first Storyteller.
Gathered on deck one lazy night the Captain asks, “Does anyone have a tail?” 

Storyteller: “Captain I have a tail that I always kept secret. Crew, guess what it’s like?”
The other pirates guess what the tail may look like. The storyteller picks one description and expands it.
Storyteller: “My tail also has a magic power. Crew, guess what it is?”
The other pirates guess what the power is. The storyteller picks one and expands on it.
Storyteller: “My tail has saved the day. Crew, can you guess how?
The other pirates guess the heroics. The storyteller picks one and expands on it.
Storyteller, points at next storyteller: “do you have a tail?” 
The three stages repeat until everyone has gone.

Reeling, the Captain looks around. “Well… I meant story tale. Do you all really have tails? Can I see?”

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