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Anxiety • 2017 rpg

Thyl de Mackisuuell •

This game is for one narrator and three to six players.

The narrator tells the story of a protagonist’s average day and divides the day into twice as many Events as there are players.  An Event is a minor daily action, like riding the bus or going to lunch.  As the narrator describes the protagonist going about their Events, players will take their turns, one player per Event, and every player gets two turns.

The game:
The narrator describes an Event in detail, then a player turn consists of the player giving voice to an errant thought, worry, or doubt the protagonist has.  After describing how this thought impairs the protagonist, the narrator and player each flip one coin.
    Two heads: the protagonist is unimpeded
    One head: the player describes how scared and weak the protagonist feels
    No heads: the player narrates the protagonist’s feelings and failings
The narrator adjusts the story going forward.  Repeat.

Continue until all players have had two turns.  The narrator then describes the fate of our protagonist.

Post game:
The players win; anxiety always wins.  Hug each other and go out for lunch.

Author Comments

I had a rough week and I felt like writing a game that spoke to that week.

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