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Of Light • 2017 rpg

Dushanth Daniel Ray •

The God of Light has weakened and Darkness surrounds you. Only you and a handful of believers can save Light from extinguishing.

Sit in a dark place.

Light a candle of any length. This flame is Light’s existence. If the flame goes out, Light perishes and you are consumed by Darkness.

Take turns proclaiming your feats in the name of Light by saying this phrase:

“By the [POWER] of Light, I [ACTION]”.

Replace the word [POWER] with words such as magnificence, glory, love or anything that shows your respect and devotion to Light. Once a word is used, write it down. No one can use a word already used before.

Replace the word [ACTION] with any feat you’d do for Light, such as “attacked the shadows of Darkness”, or “sang of Light's promise”.

After proclaiming your phrase, throw a die. The number you get is how many points of belief Light got from your phrase. Write it down.

Keep doing this until all of you collectively gather 100 belief points. At this point, Light is revitalized and will award the believer with the most points.

Author Comments

I got the inspiration for the burning candle as a time limit after watching the Beauty and the Beast remake that was released recently. There was a rose with falling petals that dictated how much time the Beast had to find someone to love him.

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