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It is meant to be • 2017 rpg

Remko van der Pluijm • Google+ +RemkovanderPluijm

Both players write down a name and distribute 7 points between Rebelliousness and Determination. Players are secretly in love together, but have an oppressive force. Name the Oppressor and assign it 2 points.
Conflict rolls outcome
If each die rolls under target stat, the PC has Full success. If at least one die does, the PC has a partial success.
If a Player invokes a characteristic in the scene, -1 to one die per characteristic involved. Use Determination for Reroll (refresh per scene, but describe action).
Taking turns, each person plays one of these scenes.
Opposing: Describe how the PC opposes his oppressor in the public sphere. Roll 3d6 vs Rebelliousness.
Full success: Oppressor is giving in; Oppressor +1.
Partial success: Oppressor is put in bad sight: add characteristic to Oppressor.
Failure: PC is put into place: -1 Rebelliousness.
Meeting your lover: Describe a covert amorous encounter. Roll 3d6 vs other PCs Oppressor. Full success: describe love scene: Add love characteristic.
Partial success: slightly caught: -1 Rebelliousness, but add love characteristic.
Failure: Caught: -1 Rebelliousness or Determination.
Romance is successful:
- Both oppressors are 6 or
- Total of 7 love characteristics.
Romance fails with 0 Rebelliousness for both players.

Author Comments

Inspired by games like Love Letters and a number of movies which are about secret lovers.

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