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The Tavern of Tall Tales • 2017 rpg

Oliver Richter • no link

A collaborative narrative role-playing game

At the crossroads between worlds stands the Tavern of Tall Tales. Grimbold, the owner, loves stories. Tell a great one and your drinks are on the house! Don't disappoint him...

The games comes with a pack of custom cards which contain a pair of opposing words each, like:

(Noise) – [Silence]
(Strength) – [Weakness]
(Bright) – [Dark]

One word of each card is [black], the other (white).
Players can create their own cards to supplement/replace the originals if they wish to.
Players also require [black] and (white) tokens.

One player is Grimbold. He draws 3 cards for each other player.
Each player starts with 2 [black] and 2 (white) tokens.
Players take turns collaboratively telling the story.
Grimbold plays a card from his hand, and the current player has to incorporate it into his narration. The player spends his tokens on choosing the (white) or [black] aspect of Grimbold's card.
The game ends when Grimbold has played all cards, or when Grimbold has given the players three "strikes" for struggling to tell the story.
Optional: Use a small hourglass to limit the time each player has for his story segment.

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