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He say you Blade Runner • 2017 rpg

Andrew Bolin • no link

Humanity scores are secret. Don’t cheat.

Randomly pick one (must have at least one Runner):

 Character          | Humanity |  Special      
 Femme Fatale       |    10    |  Charm        
 Deranged Genius    |     8    |  Distract     
 Blade Runner       |     6    |  Interrogate
 Corporate Overlord |     4    |  Bribe        

Roll 1d12: If 10+, Replicant [-2 Humanity]
           If 12, tell everyone

Answer why you:
      seek a new life off-world?
      help <player>?
      hinder <player>?
      dress that way?
      are at the ramen stand?

Runners hunt replicants. Everyone interferes with each other.

All descriptions shall include grit, (retro)future, or noir.

Opposed actions: all involved players roll (1d12 - Humanity), high score wins. Highest Humanity breaks ties.

If your Humanity score exceeds 12, you achieve your new life off-world.

Special actions affect your Humanity score.
(roll 1d12, under Humanity)

* Charm

-1 to use. Make someone take your place.
+2 if they succeed there.

* Distract 

Help someone escape interrogation, +1.
-1 if you could, but don’t.
Failed roll: take their place.

* Interrogate - Only opponent rolls (to avoid)

Pose a philosophical conundrum.
Capture & reveal replicant status. 
If “human”, roll 1d12, on 10+ actually they’re a replicant!
Capture replicant: +4, human: -2.

* Bribe - Only opponent rolls (to avoid)

Change opponent’s action, +2.
Opponent -2.

Author Comments

Thanks to Phillip K Dick, Ridley Scott, and my high school English teacher.

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