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Those Who Fled • 2017 rpg

Bruno Dias •

3 to 5 players play the leaders of a community that escaped servitude under the Empire, into foothills where massed patrols of legionnaires can't follow.

Another player, the Adversary, plays the Empire, nature, and the spirit world.

Character creation: Name an advantage you have (eg: a skill, a type of magic, a weapon). The Adversary then names a threat (eg: a scarcity of food, a wandering Imperial patrol).

Threats have 11 strength by default; +3 during their season: Summer for the Empire, Winter for nature, Fall for the spirit world.

Each scene is a season, starting with Spring. Players take turns establishing a scene where they strike against threats. During Winter, the adversary establishes a scene instead.

Resolve challenges by rolling 3d6 against the strength of the threat you're struggling against. If you have an advantage, or if you are choosing to hide and escape instead of fighting, roll 4d6 instead and drop the lowest die.

At the end of each season:

- Decide whether the threat is defeated or becomes stronger (+1 strength).
- If all threats are defeated, the players narrate an ending.
- If a threat has 15 or more strength, the Adversary narrates an ending.

Author Comments

How much of a traditional, GM-driven storygame can you cram into 200 words?

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