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Lawsuits & Litigators • 2017 rpg

Da Loki • no link

A PBTA rule making mini-game for use with other games.

PC: make up a rule you want. Invent a story about an NPC victimized because this rule doesn’t exist. Grandstand!

 GM/DM: Expose how this person wasn’t victimized! Add to the story! Grandstand!
PC: Roll 2d6:
10+ jury finds for you! The rule lasts for 1 session pending appeal.
7-9 you lose, but preserve error and appeal.
6- you lose, failed to preserve error and cannot appeal. Also, you can no longer go to trial.

GM/DM and PC: One at a time, explain in sedate tones why the rule is bad(GM/DM) or good(PC). First to go gets rebuttal. Players should interrupt with obtuse questions.
PC: Roll 2d6: 
10+You win, Supreme Court (SC) denies cert. Rule is permanent.
7-9 appeal finds for you, but SC grants cert. Rule lasts 3 sessions pending cert.
6- you lose, and SC denies cert. 

Same procedure as Appeal, but all the players add archaic rules to how you can talk.
PC rolls 2d6:
10+ SC affirms. The rule is permanent!
7-9 SC plurality. The rule has a strange limitation.
6- SC reverses. The rule goes away.

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