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Boom Boom Car Bots • 2017 rpg

Marina Rose • https://twitter.com/chamomeow

This game is meant to be played while in the car. Make sure the driver is okay with this game being played. This game can be played with 2-4 players. You will need up to 10 six-sided dice for each player or a dice rolling app on your phone and other cars on the road. One person will say, “Ready, Set, Go.” Everyone has 10 seconds to find a car that will be their Car Bot. When you find the one you like you have to call it out to claim it. No two people can use the same car. Once everyone has their cars you roll dice equal to the first number on the license plate, 0 will count as 10 dice. You add up the total and whoever has the highest amount yells “BOOM BOOM CAR BOTS!” and wins that Car Bot battle! Replay as many times as you wish the winner keeps the Car Bot that they chose from the previous battle. Whoever wins the most amount of times is the ultimate winner.

Make sure to obey all traffic laws and do not distract your driver. The driver CANNOT play because of how unsafe it is.

Author Comments

I haven’t done anything creative in a long time, and my partner Vi told me about this contest. I thought it sounded fun and made up a silly idea that I thought would be fun, and they helped explain the mechanics of how it would actually work. This is meant to be a nice casual game to make a car ride a little more fun, inspired by the classic Yellow Car kids game and of course, robots. Hope you can enjoy if you try!

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