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Cross The Kitchen • 2017 rpg

Ethan Myerson • http://www.twitter.com/VorpalPen

Players each need a hero toy - action figures, superhero squinkies, or Lego minifgs work best. Also needed are a d6, d12 and tape measure.  The toy must make it across the room, stopping at each agreed upon checkpoint. 

Each round, players roll the d6, moving the hero up to that many feet toward the next checkpoint; and the d12 to check for hazards and boons. If the d12 comes up odd, the player has encountered a hazard. The opposing player(s) determine the nature and effect of the hazard. On an even roll, the player encounters a boon, and decides herself the effect of the powerup. Hazards and boons affect the hero’s speed, abilities, or the environment. The higher the roll, the more significant the effect (1 is the smallest possible hazard, 2 the smallest possible boon, etc).

Players use their characters’ powers to cross the room - flight, swinging on webs, leaping. The floor, of course, is magic phantom zone annihilation lava, so they will have to find a way across using furniture and objects. Touching the floor sends the toy back to the most recent checkpoint.

The winner is the first to reach the room’s final checkpoint.

Author Comments

Thanks to my kids who played variations of this over the years.

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