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Don’t lose your marbles • 2017 rpg

João Felipe Santos • twitter.com/seaandsailor

You need a jar full of marbles and a couple of friends to play this game. Choose one person to be the narrator of the first scene. This role is rotated across the table. Each person should be the narrator for one scene, and then pass the torch to another player.

Discuss the type of story you want to tell together. Each player creates a character and tells their story to the others. The other players add one detail each to the character’s story and associate to that detail a number of marbles that character will starts with.

Whenever something disturbing happens to your character, the narrator gives you one or more marbles. You have to hold your marbles with a single hand (or on a small cup). When you cannot hold more marbles, your character goes insane. Tell to the other players how the current event drove you to madness.

Suggestions for the number of marbles one should get when:

Seeing a dead body: 1 - 3 marbles, depending on how well you know the person
Watching a murder happen: 3 - 5 marbles, ditto
Learning about unspeakable things: 3 - 10 marbles
Seeing or doing an unspeakable thing: 5 - 15 marbles

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