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Daffodils for William • 2017 rpg

Eva Schiffer •

Once you had a dear friend, William, but now he is gone. This is a game about remembering for two to five people.

You can play this game on a warm, sunny day in a backyard or a public place outdoors. If possible, play in a local graveyard that is open to visitors. Try to find the grave of a William who has been dead for at least 50 years to sit by. 

Someone should bring food, and someone should bring cut flowers. If possible, someone should bring a picnic blanket.

Have a picnic and take turns telling stories about William. Talk about how your friendship with William changed you and why you will miss him. Be sure to mention when you met William and the last time you saw him. When you finish a story lay a flower on William’s grave. 

Continue until you run out of food or flowers or the weather changes and you need to go inside.

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