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Homeward Going: A Rlly Wow Travel • 2017 rpg

Noah Jay-Bonn • no link

Your humans accidentally left you when they moved across the big city!  They wouldn’t do it on purpose, you’ve been such a good dog!  You and your friends must travel to find them!

Make a dog!  Describe and name them.  There’s two stats: Good-Dog! and Bad-Dog!  Divide 6 points between them.  All dogs communicate telepathically with each other.

Have a facilitator- they play all the humans, describe the world and set challenges for you dogs.  They always ask “what do you do?”

If an outcome is unclear, roll 2d6.  On a 10+ it happens how you say, on a 7-9 it happens, but there’s a consequence, on a 6- it goes bad or sideways.  Humans are unpredictable!

You can spend points from a relevant stat to increase your outcome, but one stat flips each time.  I spend +2 from good dog to get 10+!  YASS!  But Good-Dog! goes down one and Bad-Dog! goes up one.  Outside world is hard!

If either stat hits 0, you give up.  Too mean or too soft, cya doggie!  If a human calls you a Good-Dog! or a Bad-Dog! increase that stat.  The facilitator will do this on 6- sometimes.

Find your humans!

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