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So You're Being Hunted • 2017 rpg

Brian Marr • https://twitter.com/observer138

Follow these instructions, and you might just survive.
What’s in your pockets? That’s what you’ve got to work with. 
If you’re not already running, you should run. Now. 
Driving is fine so long as you’re not alone and someone else can read this to you.
What do you remember? How did this begin? 
And run.
1.Look at your surroundings. Don’t look back. What catches your eye? What about it reminds you of when it all went wrong?
And run.
2.Focus. What do you hear? How does it tell of the hunter’s approach?
And run.
3. Deep breath. What do you smell? What does it tell you about your hunter?
And run.
4. Be present. What’s that taste in your mouth? What feeling does it taste like? Is it yours?
And run.
5. Stay in the moment. As the air flows over you, what do you feel? Does it feel like escape? Like your fate is sealed?
And run.
Repeat steps 1 through 5 until you know you’re ready to fight or you can’t run anymore.
Confront your hunter with everything you have. 
What do you do? How?
Did you win? Did you escape?

Author Comments

Big thanks to the folks over at Stop Hack & Roll, All My Fantasy Children and all the fine people that hang out in their Discord Channels

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