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Black Mass • 2017 rpg

michael murray • no link

The adventurers, after defeating the Candle army of WickVille Castle enjoy a feast, cutesy of wickville grateful townsfolks near the foot of the defeated fortress. The towns maiden, Clarabella offer the bravest warrior a dance!
 (Accepting - "Clarabella dances with you for an hour while the villagers cheer and music play, with her arms crossed she trust falls into your hands") "Congratulations, the wedding ceremony is complete, The town rejoyces through your confusion. "The villagers the rest of your party." Mayor - "These brave warriors energies will be drawn out. As a gift for your wedding day Clarabella!"
(Denying - "Clarabella Leaves angrily into the night." An hour passes when a purple beam of lightning rockets through the air. The Wax Candle Army begins to stir once again. A large section of the castle breaks free! to reveal a massive, hideous wax serpent with the castle atto on its back. Wax knights jump from the moving castle careening towards your camp as the serpent begins to sneers the entire town.
A villagers screams, "Clarabella's dead. I found her body holding this black stone covered in strange writings, it pulses with dark necromancers magic. 

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