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Guilty Souls • 2017 rpg

Ken Gorman •

     A small group of guilt ridden souls find themselves unwilling guests in a strange and foreign land.  The group must work together to survive the night as they face monstrous manifestations created from each soul’s personal guilt.  The phantoms feed on guilt, reflecting on past sins gives them more definition and power, but coming to terms with the past and forgiving yourself is the only way to truly defeat them.  

	Each souls’ presence will manifest at least 1 phantom, defeating all the phantoms or surviving 8 in game hours will allow the souls to be saved.
	The environment determines what weapons or tools the souls have available to use.  Weapons used by the souls always hit when circumstances allow. Weapons can only slow Phantoms.  Phantoms will always find and reach the Souls eventually.
	Absolving the soul of guilt normally requires revealing the sins to the group and the group successfully bringing the guilty soul to forgive themselves.  Souls must convince both the Storyteller and themselves to banish their Phantom.
	Time progresses per storyteller discretion. Players create their soul by writing short character backgrounds detailing the worst sins.

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